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If you know the name of a particular case and want to search for a filed brief, go to the database LexisNexis Academic, which is accessible through the Law Research Guide. On LexisNexis Academic's search page you can search by either citation, parties involved, or by topic located in the "Look up a Legal Case" box. Type in the name of the case you wish to search and select Go. On the search results page you can narrow the results by enter the term "Briefs" in the "Search Within" box to refine the search results list.

If you would like to browse Supreme Court briefs, you can also go to the database Westlaw, which can also be accessed via the Law Research Guide. Westlaw provides various coverage of Supreme Court records and briefs divided into four main databases. The SCT-BRIEF database provides merits and amicus briefs for cases granted cert. Coverage of merits briefs begins with the October Term 1990 and amicus briefs begins with the October Term 1995. The SCT-PETITION database provides selective access to petitions for writ of cert and related documents. Coverage of granted petitions begins 1990, denied petitions begins 1995. The SCT-BRIEF-ALL database offers selective coverage dating from 1870. Joint appendices for current, selected cases can be found in the SCT-JA database. As well, users will notice links to briefs when viewing a Supreme Court case. The best way to access Supreme Court briefs via Westlaw is by checking the "box, which is located directly on the westlaw search homepage (see image below). By checking this box you will be searching all four Supreme Court databases, which are held in their  SCT-BRIEF-ALL.










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