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Yes,  citations from PubMed can be imported into RefWorks - there are a few extra steps.  Essentially, you select and  save the references in PubMed in a text file and then import that text file into RefWorks. 

Below are the steps and here is link to a video showing the steps.

How to Import References from PubMed into RefWorks

1. Conduct a search in PubMed
2. From the search results, select the articles you would like to send to RefWorks by checking the boxes next to each article.

3. Above the right side of the results list, click Send to: and select Citation manager.

4.  Click Create File. The system will prompt you to download a file and save it to your computer.
5. After saving the file, open RefWorks

6. Once you are in RefWorks, import the file of citations by going to the gray menu, hovering
your mouse over the first heading, References, and selecting Import.

7. Choose the first option,From Text File

8. For the Import Filter/Data Source, choose NLM PubMed from the drop down menu. It will automatically change the Database to PubMed.

9. Then, click the button for Choose File and navigate to the citation file you downloaded from PubMed.

You can then select a folder for the citations to be saved. Otherwise, they will go into your
Last Imported Folder.

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